Athletes Up Close (AUC) goal is to provide empowerment for youth thru competitive sports. Our program promises to function as a facilitator of community cohesion by creating a healthy environment for skill development, training, and mentorship for the promise of our future’s hope. Within the microcosm of our utopic environment we seek to create a space where children can gain a sense of freedom through sport as they develop and harness their inner champion and gain the metal fortitude to create change in sport and the world. In order to build character and integrity we propose that once a part of our program each child enrolled in our program participates in one of the many job opportunities and outreach services we will provide to function as a means of giving back to life as to keep the flow of life reciprocal gratitude flowing. At AUC we build a champion mindset by empowering from within. Our goal is to spread our mission to every child around the world and ignite the Champion flame within.

We provide fundamentals and advanced teaching in sports, planning, social skills, and communication.

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Through our camps and after school programsstudent athletes develop a strong foundation in their sport and life skills.