·         What is Youth Kick Ball League?

Youth Kick Ball League is the premier youth kickball league for boys and girls ages 5-10 in the Los Angeles Area. The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork, sports fundamentals, agility, skill, technique, sportsmanship and whole bunch of fun.

In this 9-on-9 game, each team will receive a chance at 3 offensive innings. All player must have at least one chance to kick.

Youth Kick Ball League is an insured youth sports organization which includes a $1,000,000 liability policy. We take extra steps to differentiate our program. This ensures a fun program for the entire family.

·         When does the 2017 Summer season begin?

Summer games will take place from July 30 – Sept 24.  All games will be on Sundays at Playa Vista Sports Park.

·         When are the games played?

The finalized schedule will be determined once registration is closed. Summer games will be played anywhere from 10:30pm to 12:30pm.  

·         Where are the games played?

Summer League is held at:

Playa Vista Sports Park (Baseball Field) 
13196 Bluff Creek Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90094

·         Are there practices held?

Coaches can conduct their own practices at parks of their own choice but we encourage no more than once a week. Practice time & day is coordinated as a group to ensure that all team members will be able to attend practices and is convenient for everyone

·         How are players assigned to teams?

There is no draft in this league.  Players are placed on teams by the League Registrar.  Players are placed on teams according to their ages.  Special coach/teammate requests must be made in writing on the registration form and will be evaluated on a per case basis.

·         What are the levels of competition?

Fun and more fun.


·         What are the age groups?

Youth Kick Ball League assigns players into (2) age brackets:

*    Pee Wee  (5-7 years old)

*    Juniors     (8-10 years old)

*Our age cut-off for Summer season is May 1, 2017. This means the player’s age on May 1 determines their age division. For example, a child born on May 3, 2005 has a league age of 11.

*Birth certificate is required for all new players.  Coach background check is required for all new head coaches.

·         How many games are played?

8 to 10 games including playoffs

·         What equipment is provided?

 With your Youth Kick Ball League registration, you will receive the following:

* Youth Kick Ball T-Shirt
* Whole bunch of fun

·         Is there any additional equipment required?

Please make sure your child wears shorts/pants.  Cleats are encouraged, however, cleats with exposed metal are not allowed.  Mouthguard is required.  

·         Refunds?

No refunds after 1 game has been played. (NO EXCEPTIONS)    

$20 administrative fee will be applied

*We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.